Kenseal only offers the industry’s leading manufacturers and the most innovative solutions. No matter what your project requires, we have what it takes-all at the best value. From top manufacturers to more of the big names you know. They’re here.

For more than 30 years, Grace Construction Products has been a leader in the advancement of waterproofing technologies and solutions. Grace combines innovative technologies and time-tested products to provide reliable waterproofing solutions for virtually all above grade and below grade applications.
Dow Corning is a pioneer in silicone building construction with 60 years of experience providing the products, solutions, and knowledge for your most demanding construction projects.
Sika is an industry leader in concrete repair and protection. Sika provides systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete and masonry structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, seismic activity, reactive aggregates, and others.
Tremco’s approach to the markets they serve is quite simple; they strive to provide product answers for challenging applications. They are experts in the development and manufacture of Silicone Sealants, Urethane Sealants, Glazing Rubber Extrusions, Deck Coatings, Commercial Waterproofing, Air Barriers and Drainage Materials.
Sto is an innovative leader in cladding, coating, and restoration systems. Sto manufactures specialty coatings, exterior claddings including EIFS (synthetic stucco), hard coat stucco, and cement board stucco as well as concrete repair and air and moisture barrier products.
Pecora Corporation is committed to developing customer-valued, adhesive, sealant and waterproofing solutions. Their focus is directed toward continuous improvement, superior quality and exceptional service. Product line includes water repellents, traffic coatings, firestopping systems and elastomeric sealants.
  BASF Building Systems is a premier provider of solutions to the building and construction industry. The company’s essential and flexible product offerings, as well as its knowledgeable customer service, are keys to its successful position as a single-source provider.
  Cetco’s waterproofing products have garnered worldwide recognition for quality, performance and reliability. Cetco manufacturers a complete line of waterproofing membranes, waterstops, drainage composites as well as a complete line of installation accessories.
  Henry is considered a leader in the knowledge and development of air barrier, waterproofing, and roofing systems. They offer a diverse and comprehensive list of air barrier, waterproofing, and roofing products to suit your specific building design requirements. Airbloc and Blueskin SA air/vapor barrier systems